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Invitation for Welcome Farewell and Saraswati Puja

Posted on: 06 Feb 2019

Welcome Farewell and saraswati puja invitation...

This is kindly inviting all the Faculties (Including Part Time) and students of this college to attend the welcome and farewell program organised on 2075-10-25 Friday as the mentioned following schedule. Similarly, kindly inviting you to participate in the saraswati Puja also...

Schedule for Welcome and Farewell                                                           Saraswati Puja

       Date : 2075-10-25 Friday                                                                          Date : 2075-10-27

      Time : 10:30 Am                                                                                        Time : 09:00 Am

      Vanue : PUSET, Biratngar                                                                         Vanue : PUSET, Biratnagar

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